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Dive Into the age of new realities. We can guide you. 

Our Services

UX design for XR  

There is no need for you to allocate a budget to code the first prototype. We'll help you create mock-ups in a virtual environment, test them with users, and only on this basis design the appropriate product strategy.

Behavioral & cognitive research

We have a scientific background. We have participated in many research grants related to cognitive science, psychology or computer science. We have our own research methodology based on years of practice.

Usability & accessibility standardization

We know how important virtual reality is for people with cognitive problems. We understand how to adapt it so that use is comfortable and egronomic. We know that it is only in virtual reality that they can be what they cannot be in real reality.

VRC Quality Testing

We will also take care of the technical side of your project. We know what marketplace developers require and will be able to help you meet high optimization standards through quality testing. 

We conduct research 
with academic quality

We work with various headset models, and have access to cognitive labs and equipment such as EEGs, fMRIs, eye trackers and biosensors. Most importantly, we know how to use them properly. Our team has the appropriate training in this area. 

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