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Your XR R&D Team

We help VR / AR / MR developers

to create better user experience 


Let your XR app take your business to higher grounds

In the dynamic XR landscape, UX research ensures developers create applications that meet user expectations, providing a seamless and enjoyable virtual experience.

UX design for XR    

In XR, UX is paramount as it shapes the immersive experience, ensuring user engagement and satisfaction through optimized interactions and spatial design.

& accessibility

Virtual experiences should be inclusive, user-friendly, and accommodating to diverse needs, enabling a wider audience to engage seamlessly with immersive content.

& cognitive research

Understanding user behavior through research in VR is key to creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, fostering a more natural and enjoyable interaction between users and virtual environments.

VRC Quality Testing

Testing your software is essential to identify and rectify potential issues, ensuring a smooth and immersive user experience while enhancing the overall reliability and performance


We solve problems you haven't thought of yet.

τέχνη (tekhne)

User research in XR is invaluable, providing insights into user behaviors and preferences crucial for crafting immersive experiences.


Understanding how users interact in virtual environments guides developers in creating intuitive interfaces, optimizing spatial design, and addressing user needs.


This iterative process enhances user satisfaction, widens accessibility, and ensures XR applications align seamlessly with diverse user expectations, ultimately contributing to the success and widespread adoption of virtual and augmented reality technologies.


Who can we help? 

We optimize your gameplay, create an appropriate tutorial and check what makes players happy and what makes them dislike the game.

We can improve game design, player gratification and increase the retention of your game.

If you design spaces for your clients, you should take care of ergonomics and feedback about where they are looking, how they are moving and what is catching their attention.

We can help you gain this knowledge and help you design better visualizations.
Preparing training, tutorials and virtual lessons is a huge challenge.

We will help you design it in such a way that your attendees or students do not get tired in the virtual space and at the same time learn as much as possible.
Metaverse Companies

Do you care about good customer service in a virtual space?

Regardless of whether you are

a bank, telecom or insurance company, we know what a good  designed communication process should look like.


 We will be happy to help you do it well.

Tech stack


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your XR Environment?

Even if you don't work in virtual reality yet 

we will be happy to help you improve the user experience process on your website or application.


We like working with deep tech companies.

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